Monday, November 9, 2009

More To Share

Just sharing more BRAK that I got. All of them were surprises and they all made my day a whole lot brighter! Actually, it made my week brighter! First was a BRAK from Kyoko. I LOVE the card and the sentiment is great! Sure do feel the aches and pains already. Or maybe it's the hard-of-hearing - nah, it's called "selective hearing!" Thanks, Kyoko!!Got this awesome basketball card from Brenda, Punch Queen! I LOVE it! We're basketball freaks in our house. We love playing and watching it! Brenda's card is so clever. The ball and basket both move! Cool! The inside pop-up is neat too! "Yeah, me!"...(London from Zack & Cody)Inside this unique wrapping are Sizziz dies that will definitely be used in my scrapbooks! Thanks, Brenda!
Thank you also to those who sent me bday wishes! It's so nice to be loved!
I won't bore you anymore today, but, I do have one more great gift to show you tomorrow.



Brenda said...

Love the sentiment on Kyoko's card! Glad you liked your bday surprise and that you FINALLY opened it up...hahaha! Have a great week!

Joy said...

love the BRAKS you received! hope you had a wonderful birthday Joni! sorry I didn't know. love the cards and even the card your DD1 made! that is so awesome! she did great coloring too! way to go! have a great Monday!

Islander Girl said...

OMG when was your birthday? I missed it!!! I've been so caught up w/the whole craft fair I didn't know! Waah! LOL! Please send me your snail mail addy!!!! and BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Kris said...

OMGoodness! i missed your bday... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! fantastic BRAKs girl!!! now you gottah create create create! hope you had a wonderful birthday! you deserve everything! hugs, Kris

Berenice said...

So nice BRAKs! :)

Kyoko said...

Hi Joni! Wow, look at the card and goodies that you got from Brenda! She is surely the Punch Queen of Oahu! Man I love her stuff!

I'm glad you liked your BRAK from me ... I was cracking up when I used the stamp!


Janis said...

Love your BRAK from Kyoko & Brenda. They are both so talented. I'm glad to hear that you had such a nice day.