Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top Note Gift Card Holder

It's always fun to learn (copy) different ways to make gift card holders. One of these days I'll be the original maker of a design (yeah, right....in my dreams). Anyways, blog hopping as usual and came across this neat holder, here. It was super simple and easy and fun to make! Will definitely be doing this one again!

October is just a few days away! I love FALL!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Doing Some Laundry

Finally made a card using the TGF's Laundry stamp. It's super simple because the DP IRL looks "dreamy" so I didn't want to cover it. I should've made clouds, but, I really wanted to use the pink flowers that I got from Cami. The flowers matched the little bit of pink in the DP, so I used it. Plus the person I'm sending this to, will probably read the card & then "file" it-if you know what I mean. So no need tons of embellishments.

Now to do some laundry for real. Think that I could sit & daydream like Laundry? Doubt it.

Happy dreaming!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Gift Card Holders for the Coaches

Boy, the days sure have flown by! I'm not sure if I'm coming or going!
It's the end of DD#1 basketball season. So we're ending it with a big potluck - BBQ, Stand Up Paddling and swimming! oh yah! Gonna kick back and have toss a few
Made a couple of gift card holders that I've been seeing and since I missed the boat for Teri's class in October I had to give it a try. It took me a few hours to complete ....hello?!! Maybe it was because "Wolverine" was on in the background and I couldn't resist a peek or two. Did you see how "cut" Hugh Jackman is in this show?

Anyway, where was I....I went with a really simple image and left the inside blank for the girls to write. For the players, I threw some candies & a small magnetic bookmark into a cute Halloween container.

Love the tradewinds!


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Blog Candy

I just love Halloween! The candy, the colors, the costumes! So much fun. Check out this site: Deconstructing Jen. She's offering some great blog candy for two lucky winners!
Am working on some things so hopefully I will be able to post soon.

Have a great day!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Coloring Practice

At the gathering at Denise's, I got to stamp off this cute image from Linda (can you imagine that Janis doesn't have this one? or maybe she does & didn't pack it....hee-hee).
I never thought that I'd be able to color such an image, but, I was up for the challenge. Still don't quite get the highlighting thing, but, I'm getting there...I think...

Jodi & Kyoko, I know that this isn't the Wizard but it's close, don't you think? You crazy! I only used 3 different colors, where as Jodi used about 30!

I was going to use if for my OCS with Jodi, but, chickened out. I made a different one that I'll post....maybe....
This image reminds me of the song "Reminiscing." don't ask me why.
Take time to smell the pikake.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blog Candy From Tammi

I recently won blog candy from Tammi at Tropical Dreams. My very first Magnolia and some awesome images of stamp companies that I never heard of until I saw Tammi's blog! WOW!
If you have a chance, head on over to her blog and see her amazing work. The card she sent me is just a teaser! Her coloring rocks!

Thanks so much Tammi for the blog candy & inspiration!

Embrace life, make it yours!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Card Swap

For the gathering at Denise's on Sunday, we were to make two cards for a swap. This will justify the "craft day" get together! Cami was in charge and we drew numbers that corresponded to the card. These were the great cards that I got, the first one is by Claudette:This second one is by Nicky: I forgot to take pictures of the cards that I made. I hope that the receivers liked them. The card swap was fun, but, I'll admit there was a bit of pressure given the talented group of ladies involved.
Make it a great day, the choice is yours!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Crafty Day

On Sunday, I was lucky to spend the morning with some crafty gals. Good thing Janis had a make 'n take otherwise, I'd have to call it a Talk Story Day. Denise was gracious to open her house to us and Janis was kind to allow us to ink up her new stamps. Hardly any virgin stamps left now! Here's a bunch of fun RAK that I got.
From Cami: I had to show her cute little butterflyFrom Claudette:
From Linda & Jenny:

From Jamee & Janis:

From Denise, Nicky & Janis' make & take:
We also did a card swap and I'll post that one later this week. Super talented bunch of ladies with so much aloha! I forgot to mention the desserts....oh! the aching stomach! But, it was ono!

Have a great week! Only 4 working days this week!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cool Mail

It's so much fun getting mail unexpectedly that I can understand all the excitment about RAK! I got these in the mail two days in a row. How cool is that!
First, I got this really cute image holder with Stamping Bella images from Ilissa. Remember that purple card that she had sent, here? I don't have these images, actually the only SB image I have is the one that I won from Joy's blog candy. Anyways, I asked Ilissa if I could get some images and voila! Here it comes in this really cute holder! Thanks so much, Ilissa!Then, I get this really cute thank you card from Teri. Teri drew her own image-now that's cool! She even included an owl stamp, which I love! Got the CD too-thanks! Wow, I feel like I need to send Teri back a thank you card for the thank you card & RAK that she gave! So much aloha!!
Hope you're enjoying your long weekend! Surf's up!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

August Aloha RAK

When I opened my RAK from Kelli, I had it upside down, so the contents fell on my foot & boy, did I jump about a foot off the ground! Let's just say that I'm not the cheerleading type (no vertical leap what-so-ever), so I outdid myself this time!! 'K so I put the stuff back into the box, turned it over and then opened it-again!
Was I surprised at all the goodies! These stamps will be perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Kelli used a pretty cool technique to stamp the cards, or maybe it's just a metallic ink. But, it has a shine on it that is pretty cool. Don't you just love the drawer holder that she made?! Thanks, Kelli!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Little Scrappin'

A bunch of friends & I get together about 3-4 times a year to scrapbook. It's our birthday gifts to each other. These gals are a talented bunch, but, they only scrapbook. I can't break them into the card making circuit. They think that I'm nuts. Me? Nuts? No can be.
We usually scrap pages for the birthday girl who gives us the pictures that she wants to scrap. But, this time around, we made blank themed pages. Mine was supposed to be Sports, but, I went super generic. This one is for the ballet girls. Same layout for 2 pages. We embellish on our own.
I forgot to take pictures of the boys' pages, but, I did use TGF Soccer Ian's image on it. Came out super cute...if I can say so myself!
BTW, this awesome animal print paper is from Pineapple Cove (Kahala Mall). Purrrr!!

Long weekend coming up! Hang in there!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ilissa's Card

I love getting surprise mail! Check out this gorgeous card by Ilissa! It's a thank you for August's Aloha RAK and OCS. Thanks, Ilissa!

Now honestly, purple doesn't rank very high up on my favorite color list. But, ever since surfing the blog, it has grown on me. Especially when I receive a card as beautiful as this! I love all the details! It's a square card 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 & I think I'm going to have to try this size out.
Hmm, I'll just add it to my to-do list, let's see...I'm at number 44. LOL!

Have a great Tuesday! BTW, head on down to J's for his awesome sale on Copics!