Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Baskets Galore

I was lucky to have been a part of a crafting get together with some really talented (and fun) gals.  Each made an awesome and unique EBRAK (Easter Basket RAK).  Guess I missed the memo on making a basket because I made one of those pull up cards.  "One of these things is not like the other...." flash back to Sesame Street.
Michelle and Joy's DDs were so sweet to give RAK to my 2 daughters.  Wanna know what's unfair?  They raided my baskets for candies and left their bags untouched....things that make you go "hmmm..."

Nothing like spending an afternoon with friends talking, eating and oh yah, crafting!  Thanks all!
Tomorrow I'll post the make n take.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Sharing

Looking at some of my photos, I realized that I never posted some great RAK and make n take from a get together at Denise's house.  You ever do this?  Me, kind of often.  Anyhoo, pictured above are the make 'n takes that we did.  So cute, huh?  That little egg is actually a button.
Here are some of the great RAK that I got:
I made something too, but, I didn't take a picture of it.  Also, most of the RAK came in either a cute bag or container, but, DD2 had gotten excited and ripped 'um apart.....grrrr....she knows better now.  LOL!
It was fun meeting some of the local bloggers IRL.  Thanks, Denise for always opening up your house for crafting and eating!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Anya Challenge

 DD2 made a card for a friend's birthday.  She used Prima pencils as she doesn't quite have the hang of coloring with Copics yet (or could it be because they're hidden....hmmm...snicker).  I thought that I would surprise her and enter it into Tamiko's Easter Anya Challenge, here.  If you haven't submitted a card, get a move on!

Whew!  What a fun weekend we had....crafting with friends and playing basketball and even squeezing time in for Farmville!  Got lots to share this week!

Image:  TGF digi



Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blogaversary Winner

Almost forgot to pick a winner for the Blogaversary candy!  Wrote the names on papers and picked them out of an Easter bucket.  We decided to make two categories:
(1) those who answered correctly (good 'ol Buff n Blue).  For the candy pictured above:  JODI 

(2) those who played, but guessed incorrectly....a smaller candy (not pictured):  DENISE

Thanks for playing everyone!  It was fun reading all the answers!


Some Easter Cards

 A couple of cards created by the DD team.  DD1 created her own grass and tiny eggs.  Here's a close up:

DD2 did the same for her card (grass & eggs), but, she had written all over it so it looks like a war zone instead of a Easter Egg hunt.  Trying to keep you safe by not showing it to you!  But, her coloring is very creative!

Love these long weekends.  The air is cool and crisp, it's refreshing.
Happy Saturday!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Play for Some Candy

 *This post will remain at the top until 03-26-10.  Pls scroll down to view recent posts.*
I'm gonna jump on the blog candy band wagon and offer up some goodies.  My 1 year blogaversary came and went a few days ago...just passed me by!  Must've been while I was on FB farming just waiting for those gold coins to be redeemed.  Alas, I missed out on those too.  Whaaat?!

To celebrate my blogavesary, here what you gots to do:
*post a comment telling me what high school you graduated from and what school you think that I graduated from.  No, not the year, just the school.

DD1 & DD2 will choose a winner on Saturday, 3/27 (1 week after my blogaversary date).
Aloha no,

March OCS and A Challenge

Made the side step card for my March OCS partner, Vina.  But, I had made it the wrong way, which, actually worked out well with the image that I used.  I'm going to enter this in Tamiko's Easter Anya Challenge.  Head on over to her blog and check out the challenge, here.  Come 'on submit your card!

Love this crisp, cold air we're having.  It's a nice change from the hot, humid weather we normally have.
Aloha no,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blogaversary Candy

This is what you're playing for:

See here to post your comment.
Check out Michelle and Teri's blogs for more blog candy!
Good luck!

Thank You RAK (TRAK)

heehee!  I'm on a roll with the acronyms for RAK!  Thank you RAK....TRAK...sorry, just entertaining myself here.  1luvnmama's DD1 had been sick and it reminded me of the time when my son was really ill, so we took over some goodies to cheer her up.  Really small kind stuff.  Well anyway, Mama and DD were so kind to send not only a beautiful thank you card, but also some goodies!  yahoo!  Now I'm the happy camper!
And, below is another thank you card from Mama.  I just love how she puts together her cards and the DP that she uses.

My DD1 keeps looking at them and marvels over them....come on' Mama, rub off your style on my DDs!
Thanks Mama and keiki for bringing smiles to our faces!
It's a beautiful day in Hawai`i nei!


Sunday, March 21, 2010


DD2 wanted to copy her sister and make cards too.  So, here are some thank you cards she made for a couple of her friends.  Well, DD2 only colored the images and picked out the DP.  DD1 and I helped put the card together.
DD2 plays her first basketball game today.  This should be comical!
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, March 20, 2010


 oops!  forgot to post the cards for Teri's February OCS.  My partner was Sheryl.  The colors didn't come out too nice in the picture, but IRL, it's a nice green combo with pink.
Here's my card:

It's Saturday!  Loving this cool weather we're having in the Islands.  Get to use long pants and long sleeve!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Jane's having a sale!  Come check it out!

Under Pressure

Made this card for Joy/BF crafts to thank her for the lovely PINK bag and goodies.  Got the idea and directions from Jane, my SU! upline and Brenda posted it on her blog too, here.  It's actually really easy to make.  Here's what it looks like open:
OK, so what does the card have to do with the title of my post?  Well, a good friend told me to "post the pictures of the card!"  Funny thing was I didn't have a picture of it.  I usually forget to take pictures before I send out my cards.  She went and got me a copy of the pic!  OK, OK, I'll post it.  So, here it is.
Thanks, friend! ;)

It's Spring Break and I'm loving it!  No rush to get anywhere.  Stay in PJs all morning!
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pink Bag Lady

I'm a "blue" person accented with black or brown.  But, lately I've been finding myself drawn to *gulp* PINK.  Well, not the soft, pastel pink, but, the bold bright pink.  yah, hot pink.  So, I was giddy to find out that I actually won this wonderful PINK bag from Joy at Joy of Crafting.  Joy not only gave away the bag, but, she had filled it with such wonderful goodies!  I can't decide what to do with it all!

Thanks, Joy!  If I don't use the bag enough, DD1 will certainly make good use of it.  She's a pink gal!  Wonder if I can make a huge bag tag to remind her who's bag it is?!!

Loving this weekend with no natural disaster.
Aloha no,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New TGF Stamp!

Got a surprise, RAK from Barbie after basketball practice last week.  I forget the TGF image's name since Alice is the only name that comes to mind when I see her.  This image was perfect for DD1's friend's birthday card.  We decided to leave it simple (as per my instruction from my card I change her name to CM1 or CC1..card consultant!!  sheesh..make a few cards and suddenly has a say in everything ;)  

Thanks, Barbie!!  I love this new stamp!!
So glad that the tsunami did not hit the Hawaiian Islands.  Glad that we would have been prepared if it did strike.  *phew*
Aloha no,