Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Boy, for a Saturday night, it sure was quiet out there on the streets. We got some good stuff and I can't wait to dig into them. But, first, I've got some things to share with you that I'll show over the next few days. Not only were we cranking out some goodies, I was also receiving some.
I got a great surprise in the mail from Brenda. She had posted this great recipe book, here. I don't think that she knew that I was drooling over this as I thought it was so cute and wanted to try one of the recipes. Thanks, Brenda I love it! My goal is to try and make one of her recipes this week.

We've got finals for a basketball tournament today, so I'm off! Got me a whole bunch of candy to get me going!
Happy November!


Kris said...

Look at her!!! she's so cute in her costume... LOL, i told the girls, mommy has to check the candy before you eat any... haha! stashed some on the side for me... TFS your awesome RAK... the recipe book is adorable! great for the holidays...

Maylee said...

She is darling! I will have to negotiate with my kids on how much candies they can keep. : )

TFS you RAK.

Janis said...

Ooh! You totally scored Joni! You are truly deserving. Is that dd#2? She is so cute!!!

Jodi said...

OM!!She is soooo cute!! I love her cute costume! she sure is a sweetie!!
Great RAK from Brenda too! Ok, after you make something from her recipe book, you gotta share it with me too!! LOL!
Jodi =)

Kyoko said...

Hey you lucky dog ... Brenda is sooo creative, I like scratch her face ... NAH, JUST KIDDING! LOL!!!

I have to agree about the lack of keiki coming to trick or treat. Back in my day (which was looonnnggg ago), there were TONS of kids roaming the street!