Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday RAK

Got some great surprise BRAK this week and will be sharing over the next few days. First came a card and goodies from Berenice. She made this great shaker card and check it out, she matched the outer paper with the inner paper. That must have been tricky to do. Muchas gracias, Berenice!
This next card below was made by DD1. Boy, was I surprised! She had made this while I was at a practice. She knows where my scraps are and where I hoard my stamped images (hee-hee) and dug through the stuff. hmmm, maybe I'll have to come up with a better hiding place.She used glitter (gasp!) and my Copics (bigger gasp!). I'll have to admit that she did a bang up job on this card.Brings tears to my eyes. Not sure if it's because I'll have to share my stuff now or if it's because she's going to be a better crafter than me. Well, I love it anyway!

Thanks to all the birthday wishes and BRAK.
Have a great day!



Janis said...

Love your BRAKs Joni! Love the coloring job that DD1 did with your card. have talent in the family. Hope that you had a beautiful day!

Michelle U said...

The braks are so cute! Wow, you might have to hide your stuff now, lol! She might start taking over, hahaha. Have a great Sunday!

Jenny said...

Hi Joni,
Happy Birthday! Your daughter's card is so cute! Now you guys can craft together!!!


Brenda said...

Great BRAKS! I have to say, DD1 is surely going to follow in your footsteps!

Kyoko said...

Awww how sweet is that!!! Your DD did such a GREAT JOB on your card ... another creative person in the house ... just like Denise & Jamee! Hope you had a great birthday and take care of your cold!


Cyndi said...

your braks are super cute! that's great that your daughter can do cards already!

Berenice said...

Your daughter's card is super cute! :)