Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's summer! And to start it off, I got this great RAK from JackieLou!
Actually, I got it a couple weeks ago and haven't had time to photograph it. But, taking out this morning is just a great way to start the summer!
Her card was so cute and she used the colors from Jen's Aloha RAK perfectly.
JackieLou included these great images & stamps from Two Scoop Rice designs that just scream Hawai`i. There's also a bunch of beads that I haven't figured out how to use yet, but, I will. I will! Thanks so much, JackieLou! I can't wait to start creating.
It's time to hit the beach! Surf's up on the South Shore this week too! yahoo!!


Michele said...

Great RAK, can't wait to see what you create with it. Enjoy the South Swells!

Joy said...

what a wonderful RAK! love all the stuff you got!

Jodi said...

How sweet!! Can't wait to see what you will make from it all.
Jodi =)

Kyoko said...

Awesome RAK from JackieLou! Lucky you ... hey that rhymes! LOL!

Jamee said...

awesome rak!!

JackieLou said...

hahaha Kyoko is funny. I always get JackieLou where are you? hehehehe Glad you like them and enjoy....