Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Marvelous Me Challenge

I love the TGF images and have been hooked on checking out their blog sites, especially the Club Anya. They are having a challenge for kids here. So, my daughters took on the challenge. Thought that they did pretty good. But, I gotta say that it's really hard to stand back & watch while they create, especially the younger one (she's 5yrs). ye-ouch!

well I suppose that mermaids are fictional so rainbow hair is okay. I guess Mermaid Anya burnt her arm, under water?!
*Edit: the girls did everything on their own, except for Mermaid Anya. I got that stamped image from Enjoli.
DD1 has a good eye. She laid out everything on her own, she even tied her own ribbon-did a better job than I do. Maybe I'll have her tie all the ribbon on my cards from now on!

Thanks for stopping by!


Joy said...

you are so funny! I know what you mean when your child wants to "help"...its easier to just stamp an image and let them go! she did a cute job...even though anya may have burnt her arm under water! lol! love that surfer Ian! he's too cool and perfect for Hawaii! TFS and have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

Love the surfer Ian card!! I just love your layout for him.
Very cute card that your little one made too!
Jodi =)

Islander Girl said...

Aww so cute! Yeah, I love the Surfer Ian and the Mermaid Anya is just too adorable. Your dd did a good job!!!!

BTW, did you ask if the site only sold whole sale? If you did, you can find them individually at their site. HTH!!!


Kyoko said...

What a cute creation by your girls! They must be so cute! FAB job on your Surfer Ian card too!

PS: Love the new look on your blog ... who's foot is that?

Linda said...

Hey Joni! Love these cards! Your girls did a fantastic job! I like DD1's surfer Ian card way better than mine! That wave he's riding is awesome! I personally like Mermaid Anya's rainbow hair - it shows that DD2 has a great imagination. TFS and big hugs to your girls! xoxo, Linda

Michelle Ueligitone said...

Joni these are so cute! Love the one your daughter did, got to sign her up, lol! She can be your first recruit, lol! I hate it when I burn my arm under water, lol! Too funny! Have a great weekend!


Jamee said...

Great card. so cute your daughter wanted to play along :)

Denise said...

So sweet, love when kids create their work or art. Have a nice weekend.

Michele said...

The girls did a wonderful job with their cards.

Jen said...

LOL... I think they did an awesome job!!!