Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soup For A Friend

One of my daughter's team mates got sick this weekend and missed out playing in the basketball tournament. So, DD1 wanted to make a card for her. I saw this cute soup packet holder on Dawn's Stamping Thoughts and knew this would be perfect! We adjusted the size to fit the larger packet, added the cute SU! stamp (forgot to take off the sentiment, but, that's OK) and voila!

So, my whirlwind weekend has ended with both the 14U Boys & 12U Girls having a 4-2 record. We didn't win the championships because our losses came during playoffs (single elimination). But, everyone had lots of fun. I'm hearing basketballs and whistles in my sleep now!
Gonna go immerse myself into blog surfing to unwind!

Malama pono (take care),



Jamee said...

aaww thats so cute :)

Michele said...

Hi Joni! How thoughtful of you guys and it's SO CUTE!

Marisa said...

Cute Soup holder Joni! Sounds like you had a very exciting weekend! :) Have a great Monday!

Berenice said...

Super cute Soup holder!
Joni thank you so much for the lovely RAK that you sent me, I really appreciate such kindness. Have an excellent week :)

Michele said...

How sweet of your daughter to think of her team mate. Love the bling on the cup!

Michelle Ueligitone said...

What a sweet gesture! A lot of people seem to be getting sick this summer, me included. Hope they get better fast.

Jodi said...

How sweet to create something for them, especially when they are sick. So very thoughtful!
Jodi =)

Kyoko said...

Ohhh I like your soup holder idea! I going jack your idea okay? Can't wait to play on Sunday!