Saturday, July 11, 2009

ROP Challenge Goof

I got a chance to talk with Jodi the other day to wish her a "happy birthday." She's such a sweet person with a sweet voice! I sound like Yosemite Sam next to her!
Jodi is an awesome creator and is on so many DT. I was so inspired after talking with her to do a challenge that I chose to do ROP Challenge 15 creating a gate fold card. Except that in my excitement, I didn't read the WHOLE challenge. *ahem* Gate fold card with stitching. Ack...thought that I'd share my card with you anyway.
I used my one & only Edward...oops! I mean, Ian image. The DP is old, but, I thought that it had that vintage feel..centuries old, like Edward *sigh*. The crochet flower is from Elena who made them herself-isn't it awesome?!!

I leave you with this quote from Twilight:
"His skin....literally sparkled, like thousands of tiny diamonds were embedded in the surface."

Now, who can resist a guy who sparkles like diamonds?! Not me, I tell ya!


Linda said...

Love the card girl! I gotta try one of those gatefolds ... ttyl! Have a fun weekend!

Marisa said...

Joni, love the card! Edward is sooo shiny and it! Awesome detail and choice of supplies!! Have a great weekend!:)

Elena said...

Awesome card! I got to try the gatefold one day too! Love the crochet flower! :) Have fun!!

Kyoko said...

OMG Joni, you are definitely another "Eddie" fan ... Oh Eddie.... Hey, I think you did a FAB job on your ROP challenge card! You go girl!

Jenny said...

This image is so adorable. You did a great job on the colors and the gatefold card. Good luck on the challenge.


Denise said...

Love your sparkly Eddie!!

Jodi said...

You did an awesome card for the challenge!! I also almost forgot to add stitching to my card, and I was the one who chose the challenge! LOL! Thanks so very much for the bday goodies, I will be posting them this week!
Jodi =)

Teri said...

Great gatefold card! No worries about that stitching. Good color combo :)