Friday, May 29, 2009


Isn't this the cutest gift?

My youngest received this cute, cute notepad from her friend as an end of the year gift. Each child drew their own picture & wrote their own name. Some of the drawings are so cute. Wonder how they learned to make eyelashes?!

DD#2 loves to draw & write and was using up the paper like crazy. I had to take the notepad away from her & ration her supply!!

Hope you're having a great week! This notepad sure did make mine a whole lot brighter!



Kyoko said...

That notepad is so cute! What a great way to remember your classmates! GREAT IDEA!

Jodi said...

Wow, that is a cool idea! Never seen that before. =)
Jodi =)

eunice said...

This notepad is the sweetest thing ever! Your dd#2's friend has a very creative mommy!