Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Halloween RAK

Spoiled again, but this time by Joy U.  Great big bags of candy...did you feel the earth moving?  Yup, it was me jumping for joy! YUM! YUM!  oh, those bags were for my kids.  I LOVE the HK Frankie tag!  Leave it to Joy to be so creative!  Thanks for the idea for next year!
And, check out this awesome box!  Also filled with candies, bling and a CC Design stamp!  You're way too awesome!  Thanks, Joy!
I have a secret to tell you...I LOVE getting these 3D creations, cards, etc...and they could be empty and I'd be just as ecstatic about receiving them!  OK, candy inside wouldn't hurt.

Teri also spoiled my kiddos with huge bags of candy.  More yumminess!  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!
We're almost to the end of the week!  Hang in there!


Brenda said...

hope you all had a fun halloween! great raks... love that hk idea too!

Steve Finnell said...

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Joy said...

So glad to share these RAKS with you because you enjoy them so much! I was inspired by you to make those HK faces...since you love her so much =) just used the Halloween colors and gave her that! cute stuff we got from Michelle too! love your RAK to us too! gotta post that soon! have a good weekend! furlough friday for me!

Kris said...

LOVE the HK tag!! all the goodies you're sharing are just wonderful! wanna share some candy too? hehe! jus' kidding, i'm on a candy diet! (yah right!)