Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween RAK

Got some super cute Halloween RAK to share with you today.  Michelle spoiled my daughters with these festive pink pumpkins filled to the brim with candies.  I was impressed not only with the candies but, more so with the tags! Cute HK Frankie!
She also made this great box filled with awesome goodies.  I was squeezing my fingers in the top of the box to pull out the candy because I didn't want to ruin the bow.  Little did I know that Michelle had also filled it with some bling and a CC Design stamp image.  Boy, did I feel silly!
Thanks Michelle for your thoughtfulness!
More to share tomorrow!
Aloha no,


Berenice R. said...

Such a nice RAK! Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda said...

somehow i can just picture you trying to pull out the candy without untying the bow... lol!