Saturday, August 28, 2010

Xmas Tag Swap & OCS

Just popping in with a quick sharing of my Xmas tag for Kyoko's Tag Swap.  Nice & simple.
Next up is my August OCS card based on the Asian theme.  I realized that I really don't have much in that area.  I used TGF's Chibi image with cupcakes...who can resist cupcakes.
The flowers are regular flowers that I clipped to give it a little Cherry Blossom look.  Added the staman and rhinestone.  Does it look Asian?

As Biff says on "Back to the Future:"
Make like a tree and get outta here!
(not you, but me)
So, I'm off on my wonderful life as a mom...hula lessons, bball games and parties!
Have a spectacular weekend!
Aloha no,



Shirley N said...

Very nice C&S tags and I love your Chibi card, sooo cute. That really looks like a cherry blossom so pretty--thanks for the inspiration, I wanna make some too!

Jenny said...

I like it! Great job on the cherry blossoms. If you didn't tell me how you did it, I would have never guessed. Have a great weekend!


Leanne said...

Great tags! I love your card. Love how you jazzed up the sakura. Great card, MFS!!

Cyndi said...

love your tags and OCS card! very creative!

Brenda said...

I love your tags and your card! I especially love the way you created your own cherry blossoms... one of my faves!

1LuvnMama said...

Luv that Chibi and luv the hair coloring Joni! :) Eh, I can take lessons or what? Oh, luv the blue tags too! Wish I could participate but my "boss" won't let me . . . the baby boy!

Jodi said...

Joni these tags are so pretty! I love the blue!! Cute OCS card! The layout and colors are so pretty!!
It looks asian to me!
It's always so nice to see you and the kids, Congrats on the wins too!!
Jodi =)

Kyoko said...

Awww sooo cute your tags! Hope you joining for September too! Your OCS card is just tooo sweet!