Monday, June 7, 2010

No Trophies, Please

What does my title have to do with crafting?  Well, DD2 just finished her first basketball season and a couple of the parents did not want trophies
Using round coasters, I made these HK medallions and tied them to the colorful leis. The leis were super easy and fun to make...that's what I'm talkin' about!
The girls really liked them and didn't seem to notice that they didn't get trophies.
If you're thinking about different ideas for end of the season gifts, try tie-dying shirts!  Sorry, didn't get a shot of the finished shirts.

We collected $9 from each family, used it to buy the kit and the shirts (plain white ones from Walmart).  Leftover money was used to buy candy.  The girls had a blast dyeing their shirts!
Thanks for popping on in! Your comments put a smile on my day!
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donna mikasa said...

Super cute idea! I can see how little girls would love these HK medallions and leis! They can wear them long afterwards and do a little "show off"!

Berenice said...

Awesome idea! The medallions are super cute. TFS :)

Teri said...

I agree with Donna...such a great idea and the girls must've loved the HK medallions...the lei's are so nice too!

Joy said...

WOW! what a fabulous idea!!! love what you did for the girls! so much cheaper than buying trophies! and yes, something different is always so much better =) love the tye-dye idea too. that must have been a blast! you are one terrific mom Joni! keep it up girl!

Dawne said...

Hey there Joni! You are one creative chick! That is a great idea in place of the trophies! And most of all you enjoyed making them =)

1LuvnMama said...

Wowza Joni! Great idea and yes, I always go cheaper! :) Thanks for sharing these and now I can put the idea in the memory bank for the just in case. Hope all is well with you!

Brenda said...

Thanks for the great idea! The memory of making their shirt will last a lifetime... Have a great week!

Michelle U said...

Awww so cute! I want a medal!


mst822 said...

Awesome idea, Joni! Those HK medallions & leis are so cute! The girls must've enjoyed creating their shirts too! Such fun!

Shirley N said...

That was a great idea Joni, if I were the girls I would prefer these to trophies too. Soooo cute!!!

Jodi said...

These are just adorable! For me, anything Hello Kitty is perfect! Did you know they make Hello Kitty wine? I've yet to try it, I think it's about $30 or $40 a bottle, LOL!
Jodi =)

Kyoko said...

Sked of you GF! Love what you created ... OMG you forgot to take a picture of the shirts??? Have fun at Teri's Saturday with the girls! Have a great weekend!


Cami said...

Love your HK medallions that you tied to the leis. The gals must've loved this better than a trophy! It was so thoughtful of you to do like you, Joni! Ten steps ahead of everyone to bring a smile to someone's face! Oh no! You didn't take a pic of the tie-dyed shirts? Hmmm, when your daughter wears hers, you can take a snap of her with it! Hugs, Cami