Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuff Day 1

Can't think of a snazzy title or anything, sorry!  First up are some stuff that I've been working on.  I'm so inspired by all the blogs that I surf that I've been working on some boxes and coloring with my Copics.
This reddish brown hair is my favorite.  Blonde hair is my next challenge and of course, black hair.  Shading is my most difficult challenge.
Here's one more that I did for a punchy, sweet gal ;)
I got the package idea from In Style Stamp blog, here.
This is CC Design Santa Birgitta, but, I found that if I used non Christmas colors, she looks like she's wearing her sleep hat and pjs.  do you think so too?
Here's a close up.  This is my other favorite hair color....brown or brunette.

We're almost to the weekend. Remember to hug your loved ones!
Aloha no!


Berenice said...

Hi Joni! So nice projects. TFS :)
Berenice R.

Michelle U said...

Love these Joni! The coloring is so nice, you are getting so good. Can you rub-off on me? Haha!


Joy said...

awe...these are so cute. love those "stuff" you! the boxes and the coloring and all. I am so trying to do black hair right's coming out okay! I found a short cut on coloring, so it looks like you did a lot of blending but not really...haha. make sense? hope you have a good one and see you this weekend!

Ilissa said...

WOW are good at coloring..I LIKE it alot..wanna do a tutorial??? Keep it coming!! BTW thanks for sharing that box, both you and Teri..i copied it.

Cami said...

How cute is this card, Joni! She's so precious and I love your coloring! I still am practicing and most times I fail! LOL! I also love the previous card you made...she's cute in her "PJ's"! I agree, she's not only a Christmas stamp! Thanks for the idea! Cami

1LuvnMama said...

woohoo! what mojo you have! :) those are some great projects that you worked on! :) your coloring is great too!